Post Abortion Support

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Your feelings

Most women may feel relief after having an abortion yet at the same time have normal feelings of sadness, grief, or regret. Some women are forced to keep the whole episode a secret, which can add to their distress. The anxiety felt during your pregnancy may now be replaced with more unease and pain. Being convinced that you’ve made a right choice may stop you from expressing the negative feelings you are experiencing. Others may criticise you for acknowledging anything but relief and only encourage you to ‘forget about it’ and ‘move on with your life’. Moving on may be difficult until you deal with these unspoken thoughts and emotions.

How we can help

Whatever the extent and range of your emotions, we offer the chance to talk about your experience in a safe, non-judgmental environment. Expressing how you feel to someone who understands and can lead you through this maze of conflicting thoughts and feelings can help. We are happy to just listen or we can support you though your ‘journey’ of recovery. This return to a healthier state of well being may take several weeks or months. Our catchphrase: ‘We cannot change the past, we do not know the future, but we can change the way we think’.

Who we help

This support is extended to all those affected by the abortion. Partners, parents, grandparents and others also need a chance to speak unhindered about their feelings.

I was told by someone I respected not to talk about it – it wasn’t nice. My depression just got worse. When I went to GPC I finally got the help I needed. I found peace, understanding and healing.