Baby Loss, Miscarriage & Birth Parent Support

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Miscarriage is a distinct type of loss. The experience of miscarriage/baby loss will be different for everyone. You’ve lost someone you never got to know, along with all the hopes and dreams you had for that person. Although most of what you feel about your loss will be the same as other people in your situation, your own experience is unique to you. Some people feel they will never get over the feelings of shock, anger, pain, loneliness and deep sadness. You may have feelings of misplaced guilt. The whole situation may even seem unreal.

How we can help

Losing a baby is a tragic experience to go through. Being told that ‘miscarriage is a common occurrence’ and ‘you can always try again’ doesn’t help to ease the pain. What these statements can do is cause you to withdraw from talking about what has happened. We want to give you time and space to talk about your experience and grieve for your loss.

Your offices were a haven of calm for me when the rest of the world seemed too loud. You helped me understand that what I was feeling was a normal part of the grieving process and gave me space to let my feelings out until I felt able to cope on my own.